1. Go see the agent in-charge of the property, let him know your intentions and what you can afford.
  2. Go see the property of proper inspection. Make sure you are satisfied, if you are not satisfied request he show you another property. Don’t think you are stressing the agent and then settle for something less than your taste. The agent his doing his job at least he was paid an agency fee.
  3. Go see the landlord, if the agent is not in-charge of collecting rent (some agents receive rent too).
  4. Hear the landlord terms and condition of leaving in his apartment as a tenant. Study the tenancy agreement thoroughly if any.
  5. Make sure you ok with the agreement, if you cannot cope with some of the terms go look for another house, SIMPLE!!!
  6. I advised paying into an account and not paying by hand, this gives you solid evidence of payment in case issues arise.
  7. At submission of the bank teller, request for a receipt. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL EITHER.
  8. Then file your receipt and teller properly. You don’t know when you will need it.
  9. Then contact us on 07051914851 and share your testimonial on how helped you closed your desired property.
  10. You can also use our cleaning and “moveme” services for a fee.
  11. Then move in and enjoy.